Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Property property property

I have been contemplating buying a beach house for some time. As always the price of such property has steadily increased over the years and being conservative in nature I have happily sat back and watched it rise. Now that I feel I am comfortable enough financially to buy the beach house and gear it up, the procrastination factor has reared its ugly head. We are also considering renovating and adding on to the family home; another bedroom, another bathroom, a new family room and larger kitchen. We gutted the house when we bought it ten years ago and it was ok size wise then but now with a couple of young children we are fast running out of room. Our house is small by modern standards but being a turn of the century villa it has plenty of character which more than makes up for the size. It also has a lovely aspect, gets the last of the sun and the views while not magnificent can never be built out. That said I would love more room, a bigger garage etc etc etc. So the question is really, holiday home, renovations or both!!! Having been used to little or no mortgage for some time I am in no hurry to gear mysself up to the eyeballs. The natural consequence is that I do nothing which frustrates the hell out of me. My new years resolution was to take more risks, get off the fence so I am hopeful that I will move forward. We have progressed some way on the family home; initial plans have been done, a surveyor has been in, a quantity surveyor is to provide an estimate of costs and all going well if it comes in within my budget we will do it. The wait is frustrating but when you involve other professionals it is a fact of life. Hopefully my architect will get off his arse and hurry the QS along..............


At 4:02 PM, Blogger Owlie said...

I am definitely the wrong person to have as your friend. We gutted the place that is dearest to my heart but through my own procrastination never rebuilt.I continue to sweat the small stuff and don't see the whole picture. You aren't as much of a procrastinator as I. (not that we're in a contest) I believe you will get exactly what you want and need.


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