Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The fact that I have taken so long to blog is proof of the pudding; I am a goddam procrastinator!! Let me cast my mind back over the last week or so. I watched a couple of my favorite movies, one a definite chick flick the other a feel good one. The Notebook. What a fantastic film. If only life were like that; apart from the dementia at the end. Still Crazy. Clearly not a chick flick but an excellent 70s rock sound track and an all star UK cast. Have also started my diet again. Am aiming to tone up and get fit. Having been off exercise for 6 weeks on account of torn rib cartiledge I am back with a vengence. I am gyming, cycling and playing tennis. In fact I have played tennis 3 times this week and have another game tomorrow. My neck is fairly stiff so it will be out with the ice tonight and off to the chiropractor on Tuesday (Monday being a holiday). I have been playing tennis since I was about five but really didn't pick up a racquet from 17 to 39 years old. I have been back playing a year or two and am probably playing better than when I was doing junior ranking at 15. Hey, I'm no Ferderer or in my day, Borg/McEnroe (well maybe McEnroe on account of my fiery temper) but I am fairly competitive. I gave a work colleague a bit of a fright yesterday. He plays the mens top grade (regional one) and he beat me 6-1, 6-4. I was all over him in the second set and had a few break points when I was 4-2 up. Unfortunately I couldnt convert and his experience prevailed. It was my first real game of singles in a very long time as most of the stuff I play is doubles. On the strength of that I had a lesson this morning to try and refine my forehand. After an hour of chasing down balls with the pro I was ready to throw up!! Slowly, all the things I learnt as a kid are coming back. With luck (body willing) I will be able to play a few years yet. My daughter and I have just joined the local club as she is keen to learn to play. I only hope I am as patient as my father was. I will have to work at it as I am not known for my patience. One positive, my daughter seems to have inherited my sporting ability and my competitive spirit. Unfortunately she has also inherited my lack of patience..........


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